Games & experiences

​​See our choice of exciting VR-games down below and challenge your inner adventurer!

The Blue

Come down and dive with fish and whales, in this fantastik Virtual Reality experience.

Singleplayer/Visual experience

The Art of Fight

Fight your way through the tactical urban courses while you face life and death challenges against multiple opponents, all the the way up to 4 friends.

This multiplayer game can be played up to 5 people.


Try and see if you can get through alive in our surreal and surprising haunted house.



Get your adrenaline rush and forget all about speed limits. Drive either alone or with a friend, on one of 55 tracks in one of 114 supercars.

This multiplayer game can be played with up to 2 people.

Saga Battle Arena

Fantastic hilarious game, with up to 5 players.

Lay your strategy and see who gets the most points. Your only weapon is a bow and arrow.

This multiplayer game can be played up to 5 players


In this adrenalin filled visual experience you are submerged into an underwater experience, ending with a heart-racing hunt right before your eyes.

Proton War

Get the pulse going in this fun future-inspired experience, where you can choose to fight against the computer or up to 4 friends with various weapons.

The Lab

Immerse yourself in this super fun game where you need to defend your castle, against the threatening horde, in true robin hood style.

VRZ Torment

The dead come to life and the apocalypse gets nearer with each doomed step. Search after different weapons and see how long you can survive.

This multiplayer game can be played up to 5 players or alone, against the computer.

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