Bronze giftcard

15 minutes



Our Bronze package is especially good for the younger or older audience, which might be a little skeptical about this new Virtual Reality technology. The package takes 15 minutes and offers a pre-decided VR experience.

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Silver giftcard

25 minutes



The Silver giftcard is fantastic for those, who wants to check out and try a few good VR experiences, before letting go in the biggest package we offer. The packages includes 25 minutes in a few pre-collected games & experiences. And of course the staff will take good care and give a thorough guidance throughout the entire trip.

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Customized giftcard




Here you'll have the possibility to customize a giftcard exactly the amount you'd like to spend. The solution is good if you want to give one giftcard, which is intended for more people.

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If you want to give a gift card where the person can bring one or more friends, then the amount must be increased by this number. The price above is per. person.

How does it work?

If you choose to buy one of our digital Gift Cards, shortly after your purchase you will receive your Gift Card per e-mail. Then you must print the Gift Card and gift it. You can also purchase physical Gift Cards in our shops in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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Your giftcard is received via e-mail.

Shortly after your payment you will receive your Gift Card in an e-mail.


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Print the attached Gift Card from the e-mail and give it as a gift.

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