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Here you can see what games we offer and choose exactly the game you want to experience. We have something for every taste. From those who want a battle experience, to those who want to go on an adventure.

VRZ Torment​

1-8 players


The dead are brought back to life and they’re coming for you! Fight your way through hordes of zombies, see how many weapons you can get your hands on, and how long you or your group can survive!

The Blu

1 player


Come dive with beautifully colorful fish, whales, great turtles and gorgeous coral reefs in this fantastic, visual Virtual Reality Experience.

Drive Club

1 player


Get the adrenalin pumping and forget about speed limits. Drive solo or versus a friend, on one of the 55 different tracks in one of the 114 different supercars.

VR Worlds

1 player


In this adrenalin-packed visual experience you are sunk to the bottom of the ocean. A truly stunning underwater experience that ends with you coming face to face with death.

Virtual army revolution

1-8 players


Do you like Counter Strike? Then you’re sure to love this game too! Fight your way through tactical urban levels, while struggling to survive as a team or as enemies.

SAGA Battle Arena

2-8 players


Fantastically fun game where the bow is your only tool. Strategize and see who gets the most points. A great game that will get your heartbeat sky high.

Affected The Manor

1-5 players


See if you can make it out of haunted house alive. You will be met with bats, scary ghosts and a seriously scary vibe.


Be part of the game

At Limitless VR Virtual Reality is no longer just a visual experience for your sense of sight, but an experience for your entire body. With our advanced VR treadmill, called a Virtualizer, you can move freely in any direction.

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