Liability Waiver

Before diving into our VR world, we ask you to read and sign this liability waiver to be aware of risks and responsibilities.

IMPORTANT: All participants over 18 years must read and sign this liability waiver.

  1. Epileptic seizures: VR can trigger rare epileptic seizures. We are not responsible for such seizures or their consequences.

  2. Parental responsibility (children under 13 years old): Parents are responsible for children's choices of VR content. We do not assume responsibility for the selection or supervision of children.

  3. Damaged clothing/items: VR activities may pose a risk of damage to clothing/items. You assume responsibility and release us from liability.

  4. Motion sickness: VR can cause rare motion sickness. It is important to know your limits.

By signing, you acknowledge the risks and release Limitless Virtual Reality, its owners, and staff from liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other consequences during your participation in our VR activities.

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